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In 20 years of journey, we witness the growth, progress and development of Shandong Haigen Biotechnology Co., Ltd.; and Haigen people rapidly develop into strong performer in steviol glycoside industry by adhering to the enterprise spirit of dedication and innovation. In 1995, Chairman Xing Haigen started to involve the stevia rebaudiana industry, and obtained the approval of the industry and customers once…in 2005, he started to promote the self-owned brand in the domestic market, and in 2008, he independently developed the high A boutique of the first steviol glycoside-RA80, RA97 and RA99; and the quality was obtained the affirmation of international customers, and the Company became the famous brand gradually in the international market and became the leader of internationalized process of China stevia rebaudiana enterprises.
In 2013, we invested hugely to build the brand-new plant and international first-class supporting production line meeting the international certification in the industry and reaching the standard in Taiwan Industrial Park, so as to respond the development planning of government and adapt to the increase of international market demand, and increase the market competitiveness of Haigen Biology; in 2014, we increased the development strength in reliance on the brand-new equipment, and successfully developed the RC glycoside and RD glycoside with the content of 30%-95% and high STV products with the content of 80%-95%; and in 2015, we promoted the excellent projects, advocated the first-class idea, optimized each link of research and development, manufacturing, marketing and service, and perfected the management system by building the learning organization, improved the management quality, continuously improved the international operation ability of enterprise and core technological innovative ability of owned intellectual property, and built the global strong brand.

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